Digital Detox

You have to disconnect to reconnect 


A Team Survival Experience in Latvia's nature is a, much needed, digital detox and trust accelerator second to none!

  • Needing to align your team that is not working to its optimum? 

  • Want to really focus on solving a challenging problem(s) from a different outlook?     

  • Thinking of increasing your team size?

  • NEW - This experience is now available in the WINTER.

Why not invite potential employees / new recruits on a TEAM SURVIVAL experience to monitor how well they fit in with the current team and whether or not they are suited for the role.

All phones and communication devices are confiscated and the group are ordered to leave the bus. Abandoned in the middle of nowhere with nothing else apart from the clothes on their back - time to Survive and Thrive as a team. 


The group has to make decisions on what to do next to return to civilisation. During the adventure the group will learn bush craft skills, accomplish different tasks and overpass obstacles. Professional instructors will accompany the group to give certain directions and help instruct the group to accomplish different exercises.


The experience helps remind people how to 'live', the importance of sharing and how life can be made a lot simpler once priorities are in order! When in a 'crisis' or under pressure, team work and cohesive decision making is crucial in order for your team to succeed. 

Click here to view an example itinerary of a digital detox.

Key Learning Points
    •    Survival and Bushcraft Skills - building fires & shelters

    •    Outdoor Dining Experience - foraging for ingredients & basics in hunting / fishing
    •    Reflecting on our relationship with digital technology. (we recommend that this is a phone free experience)
    •    Embracing creativity and mindfulness as well as overcoming fear
    •    Crisis management and cohesive decision making
    •    Valuing personal interaction and offline relations



    •    Increased well-being
    •    Reevaluated relationship with digital technology
    •    Increased creativity and efficiency
    •    Enhanced team work and personal relations
    •    Increased morale and synergy for all teams
    •    Teams have experienced a trust and friend acceleration initiative that works!

You Will Receive
    •    English-speaking Event Manager
    •    Professional tuition from Instructors
    •    Tailored programme
    •    Food during the hike & 'Dinner Team Survival Style' in the woods
    •    All necessary equipment 
    •    Photo and video souvenir of the expedition.

When you are looking for options for your teambuilding event, quite many options come around. It was the personalised experience and the amazing team of Travel Out There that made the decision easy. The organisers were all-in to make the experience valuable and authentic. If you are adventurous, ready to step out of your comfort zone and feel connected to your team again, this is the right choice.




●  Winter survival course in Sweden in – 37 degrees 

●  Coastal Survival course in Great Britain 

●  Basic Survival course in Great Britain 

●  Survival skills instructor in Latvian armed forces

Of course this is just a kick-start. In order to really beat the information overload you need a long-term plan, both as a company and in your private life. We can help to develop this with you during the Technology Detox program, specially suited to your company’s needs and routines.

But until then, why not start by trying out some info detox on your own.

Here are some great and simple tips from Lifehacks.

1. Switch off your phone when you get home from work.

2. Don’t use your phone on your way to and from work. Listen to music or read a novel.

3. Don’t access Facebook and Twitter for one week.

4. Don’t read any material that is not uplifting and motivational.

5. Turn off all email notifications or any other social media messages.

6. Do not watch the television for one week.

7. No newspapers, online news or any other form of world news access.

iSTAQ - Your ultimate engagement tool within the office and home!

Watching Simon Sinek’s video, ‘How our phones are ruining relationships’ was a huge turning point in my life and inspired me to take action!!  


Simon Sinek is a mind-blowing Optimist; who articulates the problem of phone addiction very well.


We are entrepreneurs; we are aiming to tackle the problem of phone addiction head on.


I believe the 3 magical ingredients for happiness are High Esteem, Optimism and Close Relationships, the exact things phone and social media have a negative impact on.


Please let me introduce you to iSTAQ.    


iSTAQ is tackling the very serious problem, of phone addiction, with purpose and style.


iSTAQ encourages people to physically disarm themselves from their devices and advocates healthy habits to help manage the balance with technology.


iSTAQ motivates and rewards users to "Recharge & Focus" on what really matters; 'being present' with the friends, family and colleagues you are closest to, both physically and emotionally!


Curious of the how’s and what's? Please look at to gain a deeper insight!  

For more information on the effects to too much technology please do check out some of our blog posts:


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