Become Present & Focused

Take control - automatically silence your phone with others and focus

Smart Habits & Silent Phones

iSTAQ is doing what it can to help save humanity in the war against phone addiction.  Helping people at home and in the workplace, manage their balance with technology in the increasingly screen-time obsessed world we live in. 


iSTAQ software can automatically activate and will motivate users to collectively detach themselves from their phone and be present. iSTAQ software promotes a focused presence phone policy, and aims to increase productivity and effective face to face communication within the workplace and home.


iSTAQ creates fun, stylish & cross-functional phone storage solutions, working in unison with our software to promote smart habits whilst 'Presently Focused'.


Encouraging users to collectively spend less time connected to the virtual world and more time engaging in the real one! 


Trust grows with time, time that should be spent present!

STAQ your phone

Activate iSTAQ mode on your phone automatically by placing your device in one of our phone storage devices or STAQ’ing with other users.


Manually activate iSTAQ by activating the app on your phone to focus at work or at home. 


Whatever the way you STAQ - you can ensure that you are Presently Focused.


By STAQ'ing, your phone will automatically

Be silenced
Track your presence in the STAQ
Reward time on your leaderboard
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Create routines and record your activity with iSTAQ

iSTAQ phone storage solution + bowl
iSTAQ phone storage solution
iSTAQ customised bowl
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