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"You know when relationships are built?"



"All that in-between time". 

Simon Sinek


The iSTAQ methodology encourages people to collectively explore a specific question or problem while being present and focused.


iSTAQ creates software that motivates users to collectively detach themselves from their phone and be present during meetings, at work, and at home. 


iSTAQ creates phone storage solutions that provide users a physical experience in disconnecting from their phone - automatically triggering iSTAQ software and providing space and time to focus on others.​

To consciously STAQ is a SMART decision 

In 2005, research carried out by Dr Glenn Wilson at London’s Institute of Psychiatry found that persistent interruptions and distractions at work had a profound effect. Those distracted by emails and phone calls saw a 10-point fall in their IQ, twice that found in studies on the impact of smoking marijuana.


More than half of the 1,100 participants said they always responded to an email immediately or as soon as possible, while 21% admitted they would interrupt a meeting to do so. Constant interruptions can have the same effect as the loss of a night’s sleep.


In August 2018, research from the UK’s telecoms regulator, Ofcom, reported that people check their smartphones on average every 12 minutes during their waking hours, with 71% saying they never turn their phone off and 40% saying they check them within five minutes of waking.​

Continuous partial attention – or CPA – was a phrase coined by the ex-Apple and Microsoft consultant Linda Stone. By adopting an always-on, anywhere, anytime, any place behaviour, we exist in a constant state of alertness that scans the world but never really gives our full attention to anything. In the short term, we adapt well to these demands, but in the long term the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol create a physiological hyper-alert state that is always scanning for stimuli, provoking a sense of addiction temporarily assuaged by checking in.


Text taking from a Guardian Newspaper Article:  The lost art of concentration: being distracted in a digital world.


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