Change your business for the better


Change your business for the better with a fascilitated company retreat. 

Before embarking on a Travel Out There retreat it is important to have some clear and specific objectives in place.  

  • 100% agreement on the issues the company needs to tackle

  • The need for change is legitimized and accountability shared.

  • An energized atmosphere of mutual cooperation.

  • Participants develop an enhanced awareness of their interdependency​

All of the facilitators we work with are experts in group dynamics, group processes, team building, decision making and consensus building. During the retreat the facilitator manages the group discussion and ensures that  fear, lack of trust, or complacency does not creep in to the room, hence promoting an atmosphere where everyone is wanting to actively participate.  


We like to think that our meeting facilitators act like referees on a sports field or conductors in a orchestra. They explain the rules, keep the structure / format goal orientated, schedule accordingly and help ensure that everyone has a chance to shine. Our sole interest is in helping you have a successful retreat.


Why choose a Travel Out There Facilitator in the first place?

It is difficult for a retreat participant to serve as the facilitator.  Participants, if correctly selected to attend the retreat, do have a stake in the outcome of the discussions.  For this reason, expecting the CEO or a manager of the company, to facilitate the retreat is often a poor choice. This interest makes it very challenging for them to also serve as a neutral group facilitator. 

In order to make your retreat or away day have a great value for all your participants, Riga Out There strongly recommends allowing one of our TRAINERS to manage everything for you.  Riga Out There will work with your team leader to develop an agenda, set realistic goals and expectations for your Company Training.

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